Delivery Day is Changing

To let you know our weekly delivery day is changing to Thursdays. There will be three of us picking very early in the morning, then we will pack all your boxes and deliver them that same afternoon, to ensure your produce is as fresh as possible. It’s a hard work and a long day but with Fiona joining Sue and myself, Sarah, we should be able to manage it.

We have a limited amount of the first of this seasons honey available on the web shop. It’s for our veg box customers only, we don’t sell wholesale, no matter how often you ask! We don’t take much from our bees, only their excess as we want them to be happy and pollinate our plants.

There is a orchard weeding day this coming Tuesday 25th from 2pm till 4pm, a chance to have a look around the farm as well if you wish. Access is through forest hill golf club, phone me if you need more information or directions on 07812990603.

Hope you’re feeling the buzz of spring :)

Hope you’re feeling the buzz of spring!

Thank you to those that gave feedback, some really good suggestions there.
Sorry it’s taken so long to respond, time just escapes me sometimes. I’ve a list of repondees and I’ll put an extra portion
of a mixture of carrots and potatoes in your boxes this week with thanks.

The recipes page and info on the more unusual veg in your boxes are the things that came up most frequently so we’ve got a recipes page up
and running now, I just need the time to add some more recipes to it! Any recipes you want to recommend and share please email them over
and I’ll put them up some time soon…!

Some of you may have noticed your box contents change on a 3 weekly rotation system. One week its roots and dark greens, the second week
salad items and the third week the things that aren’t in the other two categories!! Spinach, mushrooms, leeks for instance. I hope this
gives balance and variety but mainly I do it because it’s how I put meals together. I feel the items I group together go well together
for meal prep so with this in mind and in light of suggestions I’ll put together some recipe ideas for each of your weekly box

If there’s ever any comments or suggestions please pop a note in your box for me to collect the following week.

Oh and relating to above, if you do send recipes over please add some photos for the webshop.

We’re having our first orchard maintenance day of the year on April 14th Sunday at 1pm. I’ll be there a little earlier if you want to bring food to picnic. I
trust you know the drill by now..access through the golf club, give me a ring if you have any questions or problems.

Some of you may have seen the picture of our spinach complete with very tiny, cute slug on our social media sites, this got me thinking how
brilliant you are. You may have heard in the news that the insect world has declined by 30% in the last 25 years and people that
understand are very worried about this but they say they don’t know why the numbers are reducing at such drastic rates. I could hazard a
guess! Pesticide sprays. It’s not rocket science as they say. Some people don’t understand what organic is, that’s it in a nutshell.
I can assure you on our farm insect life is not declining, the reality of that means that you will have added extras on your veg.
Our farm is a fantastic, alive, balanced eco system and we need this now more than ever. So again thank you for being the enlightened…and
not putting up with the odd bug but celebrating them!!

One of you left a vegetable peeler in their box that I collected it for re
use, it is now missing in action! I may have delivered it to you with your veg by accident! If anyone comes across it she’d love it back


and the Gang xx

New Year

Happy New Year folks 

Hope you had a lovely rest over the holiday and are ready for the up and coming season.
The cold is finally here, I was getting worried it would wait until spring then arrive and freeze the seedlings! Things are still and calmly frosted on the farm.
We were still working away, moving the rhubarb plants, planting garlic, sowing broadbeans and tying up the mange tout amongst other things till recently but this has sent us inside to put our seed orders together, work out the planting plan and farm management plan for next year.

Honey & Orchard

Well winter’s well and truly here because I’ve got my thermals on!

We only have 25 jars of honey left now, the bee’s have loads and are tucked up tightly for the winter with it.

This coming Tuesday the 27th Nov we’re having an orchard day and all are welcome. We’ll be planting another 10 tree’s and doing some weeding. It’s also one of our volunteers Birthday so we’ll be having a special lunch around 12:30pm. If you want to join us anytime from 10am till 2pm it is. Please come through the golf course follow the track and park by the orchard, I’m sure you all know the way by now. If you’re eating with us please bring something to share. Give me a ring if you have any questions, 07812990603.

Hope to see you here,

Sarah & Sue.

Autumn Veg in Summers out!

Thank you for coming down to the farm for our open day. There was a lovely turn out and the weather was cracking, I was sick of the sound of my own voice by the end!! Always a good sign and my daughter thanks you!!

As lovely as the weather (still!) is the seasons are changing and the summer crops are ending, it’ll be the last of the cucumbers, beans and sweetcorn over the next week but the lovely winter roots, squash and greens are coming. Get ready for soups, stews and broths, snuggling up and feeling cosy.

Open Day

Hey Folks,

It’s our open day this Saturday. We’ve had a great growing season, mainly because of our new solar powered co2 neutral irrigation system, which we designed and built this winter, I may have mentioned it before!! So come and have a look around, any time between 11am and 3pm, access is through forest hill golf club LE9 9FH, follow the signs along the lane and park in the orchard. Any problems give me a ring on 07812990603. Hope to see you there,

Sarah, Sue and the gang :)

Thank you

Thank you for your patience with me when I forget your eggs or we run out of lemons. And thank you for your understanding when you get a little extra, like a slug or an aphid on
your leafy greens. Thank you for understanding they’re a consequence of a
natural and balanced world that hasn’t been sprayed to death and they
mean our farm is alive and a haven and gratefully bountiful as a result
of your choices.

I’ve been thinking about marketing lately, the hard sell has always
repulsed me and we’ve never done it. We believe our beliefs speak for
themselves and therefore sell themselves. The belief in farming that
protects our wildlife, habitats and eco systems. The belief in composts,
natural fertilizers, crop rotation, mulches, membranes and netting
instead of pesticides, herbicides, weed killers and petro chemical
fertilizers. Our belief in a not for profit, co-operatively run company,
that is all people working together for all people. But mostly our
belief that fresh, healthy, pure, nutritious food should be freely
available and affordable to all.

And so I’ve felt for a long time I’d like to thank you because I’m so
grateful there are people who care about the things we do, but I’ve
struggled with the how to do it, a way we can afford and that is fair
and by Jove I think I’ve got it! We’d like to thank you for sticking
with us despite my many memory failings with 10% off for every year
you’ve been with us up to 10 years (of course!) on your next box. That’s
on discounted and bespoke boxes but you have to have ordered in the
last 4 weeks. Small details will not be quibbled but please don’t take
the proverbial. We will do this every year from now on as a massive
thank you.

Now for serious matters, it’s heating up, a day in the van and then
sitting outside your house is not great for our picked as the sun comes
up and delivered as soon as, wegetables. I do my best but if you have
somewhere cool and shady I can leave your boxes please let me know. Also
we are investing in a refrigerated van because we love you nearly
as much as we love our veg..!! ;)

So I sign off without having talked about the weather in a newsletter!!! That has to be a first!!

So many thank yous,

Sarah and Sue.

New Year News.

So the new web shop went live last Saturday and as expected not without a few hiccups. The main issue being your customer accounts have not crossed over, so unfortunately new ones will have to be set up. Rob, the web designer and generally nice chap, thought that after you had placed your order you would have this option however, hiccup, he has now added a create an account option on the home page, half way down, just under the big picture and writing with stars. Registering an account with us should make ordering from us a simpler and more pleasant experience as you don’t have to spend time entering your details and it will save the you orders you placed for re ordering with or without minor editing saving you the time and hassle of having to do it every week. Any feedback and comments are very welcomed as is your patience during this transition time.

The other big news is the installation of our off grid, sustainable irrigation system, designed and built by us, with the massively appreciated and priceless help of our friends, Jim, Andy, Ad and Drew and the grant funding from Leader and Leap Frog. It is a massive project which we are still working on and have been since the beginning of last year but are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel after hiccups and freezing and snow and floods and mud, so so much mud! The picture doesn’t do the scale justice, I want to add more photos to give you all a better idea of just how much work has gone into this and what it will mean to us in terms of increasing our veg production but I’m still working out how to work our new webshop!!! I hope you will all come and see it at our next open day because I really want to show it to you!!

Soo belated Happy New Year to you all, with many many thanks for your support. and stay well this winter with lots of healthy veg ! ;)

Sarah’s on Hol Sue’s at the helm

Immediately relevant news!!! I’m going on a survival course in Sweden for a break. I am wondering about my sanity to. So next week Sue’s at the helm and doing the deliveries, please be kind! Her number is 07764814008 if you have any amendments, queries or problems. I will be back the week after from Wednesday.

Open day September 2017

Our annual open day is Saturday 30th September this year. Drop in any time from 10am onward, any queries please phone me, Sarah on 07812990603. It will be lovely to see you.