New Year News.

So the new web shop went live last Saturday and as expected not without a few hiccups. The main issue being your customer accounts have not crossed over, so unfortunately new ones will have to be set up. Rob, the web designer and generally nice chap, thought that after you had placed your order you would have this option however, hiccup, he has now added a create an account option on the home page, half way down, just under the big picture and writing with stars. Registering an account with us should make ordering from us a simpler and more pleasant experience as you don’t have to spend time entering your details and it will save the you orders you placed for re ordering with or without minor editing saving you the time and hassle of having to do it every week. Any feedback and comments are very welcomed as is your patience during this transition time.

The other big news is the installation of our off grid, sustainable irrigation system, designed and built by us, with the massively appreciated and priceless help of our friends, Jim, Andy, Ad and Drew and the grant funding from Leader and Leap Frog. It is a massive project which we are still working on and have been since the beginning of last year but are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel after hiccups and freezing and snow and floods and mud, so so much mud! The picture doesn’t do the scale justice, I want to add more photos to give you all a better idea of just how much work has gone into this and what it will mean to us in terms of increasing our veg production but I’m still working out how to work our new webshop!!! I hope you will all come and see it at our next open day because I really want to show it to you!!

Soo belated Happy New Year to you all, with many many thanks for your support. and stay well this winter with lots of healthy veg ! ;)

Sarah’s on Hol Sue’s at the helm

Immediately relevant news!!! I’m going on a survival course in Sweden for a break. I am wondering about my sanity to. So next week Sue’s at the helm and doing the deliveries, please be kind! Her number is 07764814008 if you have any amendments, queries or problems. I will be back the week after from Wednesday.

Open day September 2017

Our annual open day is Saturday 30th September this year. Drop in any time from 10am onward, any queries please phone me, Sarah on 07812990603. It will be lovely to see you.