Showing You Around Leicestershire’s Raw n Pure Organic Farm

Why Organic, Why Us

Organic is sustainable and unsubsidised, regulated and inspected to ensure extremely high standards.

Organic farming supports wildlife, protects habitats and places ecosystems over profits.

It understands our food is reliant on those ecosystems and works to protect them.

It uses zero pesticides compared to 311 in conventional farming methods going some way to reduce the £120 million currently spent removing chemicals from our drinking water.

We use composts, natural fertilisers and green manures to feed the soil instead of subsidised and polluting petro-chemical fertilizers.

We maintain and build the soils natural ecological system by not using large machinery we don’t damage the soil structure by compaction or loose soil to water and wind.

We use crop rotation, mulches, membranes, manures and netting instead of pesticides, herbicides, weed killers or petro chemical fertilisers.

Supporting local businesses is vital for a thriving economy, it keeps the money going round rather than off shore. Local also means fresher, tastier as well as reduced distances your food has to travel to get you keeping our air cleaner.

We are by far the most affordable, we care about our produce and your food.

Fresh, real, tasty, bursting with life and vitality.

Hardly any packaging is used in getting your veg from our field to your door, your produce comes in a reusable cardboard box and any plastic we use is biodegradable cornstarch.

Our business is your business.

Choose us..choose the good life!!

Soil Association Certified P9223

The People Our Co-Operative.

CLOGs, The Co-Operative of Leicestershire Organic Growers and Raw n Pure the box scheme, was started in 2006 by two friends, Sue and Sarah, It began from a shared passion for growing produce, a belief in a farming method that works in harmony with the natural world and a desire for community cohesion and social equity. Our organic certification and not for profit co-operative business structure reflect our commitment to these beliefs.

Sue grew up in a farming family in Yorkshire, has an BSc in combined Science from Leicester University, has woofed (http://wwoofinternational.org) on many different farms and acquired her own 11 acre small holding in 1994.

Sarah spent her 20’s travelling woofing on farms around Europe, returning to England she completed an Advanced RHS Horticulture Level 3 at Brooksby College, ran her own gardening business before setting up Clogs/Raw n Pure with Sue in 2006.

The Co-operative grows at Polebrook Hayes, an 11 acre small holding in Botcheston. We have a half acre for our 40 or so chickens, six very large poly tunnels for growing 3 for propagating, 2 bee keepers keep bees on the farm, a limited amount of honey will be available this summer as we want the bees to have most and keep pollinating our crops, several acres for outdoor growing and in Nov 2016 we planted 72 fruit trees in the top field creating a community orchard.

We are structured as a co-operative not only for our beliefs in equitable business that benefits all but because we wish to foster a community based on farming and harvesting, offer access to these processes, pass on skills and knowledge as well as make new friends and strengthen our community. We are inclusive and welcoming to all. Mondays and Tuesdays are our volunteer days, from 9:30am onwards, do a bit, learn a lot and earn some lovely fresh produce.

Our aims are as follows;

  • To increase the amount of locally produced, top quality fruit and vegetables.
  • To make organic accessible and affordable for all.
  • To increase sustainability of food production in Leicestershire, making it more resilient to external shocks such as rising oil prices, strikes or restrictions on imports.
  • To reduce food miles and emissions improving our air quality.
  • To increase interest in local food production and increase knowledge and skills of this production and to foster a community based on farming and harvesting.
  • To be run on organic principles working with the eco system, reducing pesticides in our water supply, improving and increasing habitats and biological diversity.

If these resonate with you and you wish to be involved please do get in touch with Sarah on 07812990603.

All in all we want to know where our food came from, that it is good food and that is part and parcel of a natural and balanced world.