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Because you're part of a movement that believes you are what you eat, pure, independent, connected and revolutionary!

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Organic Certificationno pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or GM.

Reusable BoxesNo wasteful packaging.

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The Bespoke Selection gives you complete control to customise your box contents entirely, choosing your box contents to suit your tastes or menu plans. Mix and match individual fruit, veg and salad items and add eggs and herbs to your box as you wish or if you order a discounted box you can add a few must have items to create the exact box you want. Minimum order is a very low £7.00 and delivery is free.

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Discount boxes

Organic selections of all sizes to suit all appetites and tastes. They contain potatoes, carrots and onions each week with the other produce changing each week depending on season. The boxes can be modified slightly, for instance if you don't eat potatoes or your family hate mushrooms please let me know and you won't get them, but as these boxes have an element of surprise you receive a 10% discount. An exciting way to experience and experiment eating new things.

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