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We are two like minded women who feel a need to have our hands in the dirt! Raw n Pure and the co-operative that supplies it grew from our passion for organics and a desire to know what we are eating.

We believe in a natural balance,so on our 10acre farm we use no pesticides or chemicals at all, prefering instead to encourage natural pedators by planting native speicies of plants and leaving banks of land untouched. This way an outbreak of aphids or slugs, for example, rarely occurs as we have an equal ammount of ladybirds and hedgehogs to keep them in check.We do lose some produce to the animals, but we believe in sharing and as long as nobody gets too greedy it works as nature intended!

We also have a preferance for labour intensive methods for a number of reasons, not least being the machinery disturbs our peace on the farm! But in addition we like to minimise co2 emissions as much as we can and it creates more jobs, satisfying ones at that!

All in all we want to know where our food came from, and that it is good food that is part and parcel of a natural and balanced world.

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