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The Small Holding

The Small Holding

The Small Holding

Behind a row of cottages just a mile or so from Markfield and Thornton and only a few miles from Leicester is the best kept local secret it would appear!! Our 11 acre small holding, produces fresh organic fruit and veg and brings it directly to your door :)
Clogs stands for, the Co-operative of Leicestershire Organic Growers, and it's one half of our co-operative the other half being Raw n Pure the veg box scheme. 

Although the farm is now run as a co-operative it has been farmed organically by Sue since 1994. It was placed into formal organic conversion in 2003 and gained full organic certification in march 2006. The Co-operative was formed in the summer of 2006 and is open to anyone that has an interest in organic growing and can identify with our aims.

Our Aims

To maintain a biologically diverse and naturally balanced ecosystem.
To foster a community based on farming and harvesting.
To provide top quality fruit and vegetables at the lowest prices possible for the benefit of all.
To adhere to organic principles for the love of the land.
To provide living wages in forfilling work.
To encourage interest in local food production and impart knowledge of this production.

If this resonates with you and you'd like to come along and get involved, give me a ring, Sarah 07812990603. Volunteers come on a Tuesday, so you'll meet other like minded souls as well as learning valuable skills, have a work out and take home some lovely veg. The work can be demanding, be prepared, dress practically.

If there is the wish we'll hold a volunteer session once a month on a Saturday afternoon.  

We are currently in the process of creating a community orchard. It will be one acre in size and sit at the top of the last field. We will plant it up this Autumn with a varieties of all the different fruit trees, cherries, apples, plum, pear and of all different sizes, from the very small dwarf stock to the traditionally huge standards. It will be a beautiful haven of calm, an investment in our wildlife for future generations and provide a sustainable free source of fruit for the community.

To support our work or join in feel free to join your co-operative. You can do as little or as much as you like, if you only come once a year for a picnic that's fine, I just appreciate the company!! It's only 7 per adult per year membership fee, this also entitles you to a once a year course at the farm, each year it being a different course, it may be on organic growing, one year grafting fruit trees, another year composting etc

Our small holding, Polebrook Hayes, is run as an integrated poultry and horticultural holding with large areas for wildlife, creating a natural bank of predators to combat the pests. As we use no pesticides, we favour instead companion planting which confuses pests with strong smelling herbs and labour intensive methods.

We have close links with other organic growers in the area with whom we collaborate. We supply their box schemes and they supply ours ensuring a wider choice of local produce for everyone.

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